Three Ways to Style Colored Pants

Sometimes we get stuck when trying to combine tops with colored pants. We hope that this helps you look through your closet and see new options when putting outfits together. Check out these three ways to style colored pants.

Want to snag these looks instead? Snag them from our little boutique in Houston in the links below. 

1. Pair With a Monochromatic Neutral.

Monochromatic never goes out of style. It's a classic look that sometimes we all forget about. Look for a shade in the same family and go up or down on the color shade. 

2. Stay Classic With Black & White

Snag a polka dot, color block, or patterned black and white top to pop the color in your pants. 

3. Jazz It Up With a Satin Pattern Top 

Satin is a back with vengeance, so rock it with colored pants or with your jeans. It can go with so many things. 

Like these outfits? Shop the look below: 

Pants -
Black and White Top -
Satin Top -

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