Spring 2023 Color Trends

Daring Colors: This year is all about embracing color! From bright green dresses to fuchsia handbags, there’s no shortage of eye-catching options.

The top five colors include green, pink, orange, chartreuse, and lavender, with the heaviest focus on greens and pinks.

So go ahead and experiment with different shades – you might just find your new favorite color! 

Remember when you’re getting dressed in the morning, what you wear is like your own billboard to the world. Often subconsciously the outfit you choose for the day reflects what you think of yourself and how you feel.

Generally, we choose brighter, more colorful clothing pieces when we are happy with a positive mindset, and darker colors when we have a negative mindset. If you’re feeling down, dress in bright colors or prints. You may be surprised how much a change of clothes will help boost your confidence and your mood throughout the day.

 “At Moxie, we recommend choosing your outfit of the day to reflect the expression you want to portray to the world,” said Abbey Lee, owner of Moxie District 31.

"Clothing doesn't just influence others, it reflects and influences the wearer's mood," Dr. Karen Pine said regarding her 2012 University of Hertfordshire study that examined the connection between women's emotional states and what they wore. "Many of the women felt they could alter their mood by changing what they wore."

When you need help incorporating some of these trends into your wardrobe, swing by the store and any of our stylists will be happy to help you look confident and feel full of moxie!

Watch a 58-second video highlighting some of our favorites :)



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